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The US sabre-rattling over Iran is not only serious and disturbing, but also has uncanny resonance with the lead-up to the Iraq war.

The dossier prepared by the US on Iran's supposed involvement in destabilising Iraq is based on the same imaginary foundations and presumptions as the WMD dossier. The reality in Iraq is complex and evidence shows that the majority of foreign insurgents captured or found dead are Saudis.

What does remain clear is that the Iraqi civilian death toll has reached 600,000, with January recording the highest number of civilian deaths since the invasion in 2003.

As highlighted in a major report launched this week, any attack on Iran would export this misery and disaster on the Iranian people and have economic, environmental and security repercussions worldwide.

War with Iran must not happen. It will lead to mass casualties and only make the world a more dangerous place for us all.

War with Iran cannot be justified and one of the underlying reasons for a war is that the Iranian government has now decided to trade oil in Euros, rather than in US Dollars. This is exactly what Saddam Hussein decided, just months before the invasion of Iraq. The power of the US Dollar, and thus the strength of the US economy, depends on it being used as the standard for the international oil trade. Now that Iran has chosen to trade oil in Euros, the US economy is under threat.

This war is NOT about nuclear weapons or terrorism; it is about the US economy. This is NOT a justified reason to kill Iranian civilians and our soldiers, or to invade a sovereign nation.

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