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jay darcy jay darcy as a fellow teen with narcolepsy i found this episode very disrespectful. sure the jokes were funny (and an inaccurate representation of narcolepsy)they could have at least made the defintion of narcolepsy they gave,be accurate.
Sierra Stackhouse Sierra Stackhouse Not acceptable. If they had made fun of paraplegics there would have been a lawsuit. Just because a disorder is uncommon doesn't mean it's more acceptable to make fun of it. Not to mention children learn a lot from television, and they shouldn't be taught that narcolepsy is a disease that makes you a "sleepy loser" who passes out randomly.
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Pokr Pokr Pokr Pokr I've been wondering how long you were going to hide your ADD. But rlealy, I have been curious what your results were and now we know. I am sorry about the diagnosis, but now you can move forward in treating it. Do you think you always had it? hummm. I'm still amazed at what an amazing woman you are! Hold your head high and keep a posative attitude. I love you! (I got money for drugs! Anything for more energy! lol)
Ehsaan Ehsaan Ehsaan Ehsaan Love the clean easy to navigate new site asmeowe job!! So much easier to find things! Thank you you just always go one step further on being the best!

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