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Nash Nash Nash Nash We denetifily need more smart people like you around.
Bella Bella Bella Bella I'm rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!
Angela  Panzarino Angela Panzarino Need to expose cruel deadbeat parents. Go to www.stepfamiliessuck.com. Soon to be released. True stories to be released on cruel stepparents.
Ingrid Cluck Ingrid Cluck Christopher Calchi is a deadbeat dad on the run from his court ordered child support in Otsego County NY. He was last seen hiding out in Cary NC. Go to his facebook site or email him at christophercalchi@yahoo.com and tell him shame on you pay your child support.
Ingrate Cluck Ingrate Cluck Christopher Calchi Cary NC DEADBEAT DAD
christopher calchi christopher calchi
Corey Bump Corey Bump Dead Beat parents can also be Alienating parents too. I believe both our causes are one and the same. I support you cause all I want to be is Father!
Cheyenne Lechleitner Cheyenne Lechleitner I am in total support of this i know a dead beat parent, in fact i got suckered by one about 10 years ago.
lisa wertley lisa wertley i think this is a wonderful cause, there are way to many children in our world that don't get the support they need, finacial, emotional, whatever. if we can all help out just a little imagine the difference we could make! why make a child if you don't plan to be a parent to that child?

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