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Let's have a little game Craig Abruzzo you fucking psycopath, which is known as "YOU ARE A FUCKING PEDOPHILE". At Monday morning at 12.00GMT, I will post to 20 people from this list: http://www.petitionspot.com/discussion/view/54529 . This will occur once a week for the next 10 years.

Craig Abruzzo, you are a narciccistic child raping pedophile, you sick fuck, and we all know the New York Police Department and the FBI are currently investigating you for your sex offenses.

Furthermore, it is known to the community you are practising at Yahoo and Associated Content without a license, and that you are not licensed by the New York Bar Association. If so, you have obviously been disbarred. You are the #1 public enemy of the New York Police Department, and your low life tactics have been exposed.

After some investigation, we have come to your life story Craig Abruzzo. You went into law studies, because you are an arrogant cock who failed in your miserable life as a child, withdrawing into a state of hypersensitivity and due to the sexual abuse you received from your father, you have tended to grudge, and refusing to forgive insults. You have a tendency to distort the truth, and have issues with sexual fidelity, which is the cause of the problem you have with being UNABLE to find a partner. You have a self-important idea, and believe people are conspiring against you. You, are delusional and schizophrenic. Your unsociability, quiteness, reservedness, eccentricity, is known as schizoid, which results in the lack of your close friends. You show emotional coldness, detatchment, to your very close friends, and you think about thinking: In other words, you are a fucking crazy ass shit who should be in jail, not free. But you are not in jail because you have been able to "argue" with your legal skills out of cases. The only treatment that is available to you is drugs, which is what you involve yourself into. You are involved in the dark scenes of the New York Crime Gang Land, and have raped multiple women, under age including. Your antisocial personality, has resulted in your lying and stealing personality, with no remorse to people. You show irratability, annoyance, impatience to your coworkers, and have recurring diifficulties with the law. You are promiscuous and like to rub your penis whilst at work. You have the tendency to violate the boundaries of others, and are extremely aggressive to others. With your inability to tolerate boredom, you involve yourself with child sex abuse, and therfore disregard right and wrong. You think about suicide (which you should go forward with), and are empty, inappropriately angry, delusional, and are stressed. Your outburts to anger have made you hated . Your quarrelsome personality, and unstable mood has caused self-harm, including you slitting your wrists, and substance abuse. You are a fucking psycopath and you need to understand it. You have denial issues, obviously, too. You seek excessive praise, and make rash decisions. Your father who was an abusive pedophile, raped your mother, and your mother as the withdrawn bitch she is, engaged in sex with your father, after being raped by a gang of men. You misttrust others, are hypersensitive to criticism/rejection, have severely low self-esteem, emotionally distant yourself, and feel inferior to others. You have fantasy ideas of escapism, and are preoccupied with sexuality, especially raping the women at Associated Content.You have engaged in gay sex with Luke Beatty (who has raped children), raped Adrienne McCallister and Kirsten Ames Kahn, and sucked the cock of Jason Curran, Andrew Snyder, Leonardo De La Rocha, Sonu Kansal, Michael Cohen. You follow all events with guilt, and are feel humiliated, which should be the case because you are a FUCKING PSCYOPATH. When you were young, you raped a rabbit, and tried to humiliate animals. You engage in torture with prostitutes, and enjoy gay sex. You fear competition, and think of victimizing 24/7, wondering why your life is so bad, and why you are alone, all by your fucking self.

Your narcissistic personality is a result of overindulgency and overvaluation by parents. Your parents were fucking losers who thought you could change their life. Your parents were unpredictable, unreliable, and your father raped you, and you saw your mother being raped by your father as a child. Craig Abruzo, we know you were involved with the police from the age of 10, and have been in severe police trouble since. You reuquire excessive admiration, lack empathy, and are arrogant, and hauty towards others. You believe you are the center of the world, and that is the result of your fucking psycopathy! You are nearing starting your own child sex business.

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So let's continue to play this little game, Craig Abruzzo you fucking PSYCOPATH. At Monday every week at 12am GMT, I will send this message to 20 people. But I won't tell you who until Friday 12am GMT. This will occur once a week, 52 times a year, for the next 10 years. I will then find your family, kill those fuckers (after raping them). If you have any offspring, I will find them, hunt them down, and fucking blow their brains out, you sick fuck! This will occur again and again over the next 1000 years. THIS IS THE END OF YOU CRAIG ABRUZZO, YOU FUCKING PSYCOPATH!

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