Completion funds for a feature film

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Completion funds for a feature film

CRIMSON: The Motion Picture is an action packed, comic book themed feature film. The story follows washed up comic book artist, Walter Levitte, who, after suffering a terrible accident, believes he is his comic character (Crimson). He continues to rid his impoverished town of criminals, mainly the ruthless Irish Mafia.

This movie includes over 65 people on cast and crew, and has been in the works for 16 months (10 months of pre-production, 6 months of production). There are only 2 months left until wrap-up, and we are in need of completion funds. $50,000 have already been invested. There are loads of fantastic stunts and special effects, accompanied by various iconic characters.

We have already been offered multiple distribution deals, so at the very least, we will enjoy a worldwide DVD distribution. We've all worked very hard and the footage looks incredible.

We have recently secured UFC Hall of Famer A.J. Verel (known for "Unstoppable" with Denzel Washington, and Star Trek) as an Executive Producer.

Please help us secure completion funds. We will be forever grateful. We have signed up on Kickstarter, and we have until January 10th to raise $10,000. Make a pledge of as little as ONE DOLLAR, every bit counts. If we don't hit our 10k mark by Jan. 10th, we don't get a penny and you keep your pledge money.

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