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Zahoo Zahoo Zahoo Zahoo bizarre! j'appere7ois au loin David Hasselhoff, alias Mitch Buchannon de Alerte e0 malibu!! est-ce namrol messieurs? (jsuis e9mue c'est le premier commentaire que je laisse! hihi!)
Liliane Hanriot Liliane Hanriot
Jake Mallovoco Jake Mallovoco
Panagiotis Rigopoulos Panagiotis Rigopoulos
Zaryab Cheema Zaryab Cheema It is sad that the worst human suffering ever in the history comes from those who in the past stood by the weak and the oppressed.What is even worse,the majority of the chained and caged latter turned out to be innocent.Even Soc.ra.tes cave in Athens appears to provide better facilities at the time.Its time to close Guantanamo its time to build bridges.
Jessie Cross Jessie Cross Guantanamo is a shameful blot not only on the USA but generally on the West for not pushing harder for the Human Rights of these people to be recognised.
mike downs mike downs
Judith Bruce Judith Bruce
mike downs mike downs
Deborah Zapp Deborah Zapp
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