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Willow Munger Willow Munger
Heidi Reckel Heidi Reckel "The disproportionate use of force contitutes """"genocide"""" - If not legally - then ethically. Starving people have a right to defend themselves - too.... "
Bethany Baker Bethany Baker
Anne Campbell Anne Campbell
John Peters John Peters Stop Now ! Sill
Helen Thi Helen Thi Please help stopping this genocide of innocent people. War and domination are not the answer!
Charlie Rist Charlie Rist Peace for Palestine!!
Janna E Janna E
John Oswald John Oswald because they pretend that they are the first democracy country in the world
Brian Self Brian Self The US has a moral duty to ask Israel to stop bombing innocent children - men and women in Gaza just as it is demanding that Hamas stop firing rockets.
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