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Josh Leal Josh Leal Stop the Violence in Gaza
Jessica Hale Jessica Hale Think About The Children - Its Not Just About The arguments
Rachel Cladingbowl Rachel Cladingbowl The US-Government keeps its hands like a father over a handicapped child. I think - that this is one of the reasons of terrorism in our world.
Sara Summers Sara Summers i think usa wants to do like that.it s a big terrorist
Michele Geluso Michele Geluso pls stop the violence in gaza
John Alistair John Alistair because if the U.S did not use its influence to stop the violence in Gaza they will be an accomplice in war crimes aginst humanity
David Alan David Alan
david LANE david LANE they r killing innocent lives and bombing Everywhere
Stephen Smelker Stephen Smelker parsque elle a le pouvoire et en plus sois disant elle es pour la paix
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