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cancel world debt

did you know that

the first world (20% of the worlds population) own 83% of the worlds wealth.

the second world (60% of the worlds population) own 15.4% of the worlds wealth.

and the third world (20% of the worlds population) own 1.6% of the worlds wealth.

every 5 seconds a child in the third world dies

every day 5000 people die from dirty drinking water in the third world

every day 30,000 people die from hunger most of them are children

every year the first world cheat the third world out of £500,000,000,000

how do they do that? well they lend the third world money but the first world want that money back with interest but the third world can't pay it back with the interest so it just keeps building up and up and up.

can you guess how much interest there is? for every £1 they borrow the their world have to pay back £3

if world debt is cancelled the money can be spent on clean water, food and medicine

every one deserves a fair chance

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