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Nide Nide Nide Nide The real world outer our limits and our world inisde this limits have the same problem NO WORK. Who is guilty in a world like our? It is a daily screaming to indicate our president guilt. During 400 years, we have been leaving our government to decide business like we have been seeing at begin of our presidency; we know now what of dirty business were involving Americas dream. Millions dollars were distributed among few super brains. Salaries were giving likes a bag. However, everybody ignores this behavior important is to have a salary. Now million people screaming for jobs and nobody can help if it is not only what is necessary. Some will have a job and others will not.The big factory with hundreds of employees is only a remembering past, everything is empty and dead. Now a computer is our daily bread and work source. Peoples who cannot learn it, he has not chance to have a job. Million are waiting for a miracle and accusing our president because he doesnt produce works for them. The

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