Campbell County High School needs change.

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The purpose of this petition, is to have many of the following issues listed here, addressed. The reason that we, the Student Body, want these issues addressed, is to have our voice heard, and to have many of these issues FIXED.

We, the Students of C.C.H.S., are sick of the way we are treated. We are treated like pigs, given cheap and horrible food, poor faculty choices, poor education, poor budget choices, over spending in the sports team area, favoritism with said faculty giving certain students advantages over other students, poor conditions of desks and other equipment, bad ventilation in the school building, over priced food, expired food and drinks fed to Students without inspection, vandalism of Student property, hateful attitude towards Students from faculty, poor cleanliness in the bathrooms, trash not being cleaned out from the courtyards, and poor security and safety of fellow Students.

These are just the major issues plaguing the High School Student Body. When complete,this petition shall be sent to the Campbell County Board of Education. If it falls on deaf ears, we will then send this petition to the Tennessee State Board of Education.

All we Students want, is for these issues to be addressed, and dealt with in the best possible way. Once done, we the Students, believe that the Campbell County High School, will be a much better high school for ALL members of the school.

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