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Trish  Whitham Trish Whitham Its just not cricket!
Peter Green Peter Green It would seem to me that a facility to help people in need, especially when the cricketers have been offered support for a move from a pitch that is owned by the trust is more important...?
Tobi Guider Tobi Guider
Adam Davis Adam Davis
Drew Sewell Drew Sewell
John Sewell John Sewell Hurry Up!
Rebecca Tribble Rebecca Tribble Please don't stop the development of this much needed service. Each year the demand for specialist services rises and it is vital we address this issue now and get the purpose built facilities we need to continue to care for young people with mental health problems.
Christine Vize Christine Vize It is really important that the redevelopment of Highfield goes ahead, I am at a loss to understand how a cricket pitch can be allowed to stand in its way!
Rachel  Cootes Rachel Cootes
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