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Stan Mirales Stan Mirales Please Mike Judge come back home to where you belong.
charlie redskin charlie redskin love beavis and butt head
Joanne Irvine Joanne Irvine Beavis and butthead should be brought back because TV shows today suck ass compared to beavis and butthead, and it is a huge part of the MTV generation.
Joseph Gannon Joseph Gannon please bring back that show please
Amanda Spangenberg Amanda Spangenberg
Ben Mardon Ben Mardon
bryce bentley bryce bryce bentley bryce
Jason jp12 Jason jp12 I think a new revamped Beavis and Butthead instead of watching music videos they do a talk soup kind of show making fun of reality tv shows.
Liridon Krasniqi Liridon Krasniqi this sounds wierd but it's truth i've like been kinda a depressed and when i found beavis and butthead at 2005 they changed my whole life, so please bring more beavis and butthead episodes....
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