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Holly Master Holly Master
william and mary  rockett william and mary rockett we have to walk away from our home. because we could no longer afford to pay our high house payment. we both are retired and ask wells fargo to lower our payment. they would not do, stating we made enough income to handle it. we had a real estate agent come in to see if we could sell, the real estate agent said we could not get as much as we needed for it. which was half the amount we owed on it. our only recourse is to walk away. we have been here for over 3o years. sad to go. but we have to do what is best for us. since Wells Fargo will not help. so many people doing this it is sad sad sad
mike downs mike downs
mike downs mike downs
Deborah Zapp Deborah Zapp
Suzie Gordon Suzie Gordon
Jenny Vegan Jenny Vegan I remain committed to a boycott of Wells Fargo Banks.
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