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Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott BOYCOTT WELLS FARGO!!! I've been attempting to receive word back from someone in the decision making processes and approvals of Wells Fargo for quite some time now.... Wells Fargo Mortgage and Ex-wife conducted a closed-session Joint-Loan Modification without my consent, approval, signature and purposefully without my knowledge. No attempt was ever made to contact me. How did I find out? I happened to check my credit online and saw that the Mortgage had not been paid for 13 months in a row. Thus ruining my credit! How one LIVES in a house with an unpaid Mortgage and not be Foreclosed and forced out within a few months sounds very, very sketchy to me.... For years, Wells Fargo has evasively denied all information request letters and calls on the Mortgage Loan. It DOES have my name on it, by the way. The only reply I have actually received, was a letter from a Ms. Cynthia Carson exclaiming that "....any future correspondence received regarding the Loan.... will be ignored
Janet Ms. Janet Ms. I am looking for a new bank, and I would have choosen Wells Fargo but for this information that Wells Fargo supported the undoing of environmental protections. We need our banks to be a good corporate citizens who protect the environmental with proper investments, champion environmental protection laws, and develop ethical and sustainability policies and rules.
Nicholas bockmann Nicholas bockmann
brandon b-ran brandon b-ran They lost there way when they became "to big to care about there customers" now its time to make them pay!
katherine kohnowich katherine kohnowich We should also add another reason to the list:spending government bailout money, meant for average consumers, on their top officials who already are in the top 5% for income in the whole country.
Scott Griffith Scott Griffith Wells Fargo continues to use unethical tactics which undermine middle class families that are paying their bills and trying to do right. My situation was that one of their processing centers relocated where my payment was sent so my credit history now shows late in June and July 2006. Keep in mind that all previous payments were on time or early and the loan is paid in full. We never had any financial difficulties but can't get Wells Fargo to do the right thing and remove the late payments. (BTW) they had the checks and were supposed to have forwarded them to the new location so the lateness assessed on me was actually internal lateness on their part.
mike eaton mike eaton crooks
Glenn Lewallen Glenn Lewallen Wells Fargo purposely targets the poor and hungry. Whether it be violent overdraft fees or fraudulent mortgages, this company is ruining our country and our economy.
Jake Puhl Jake Puhl Wells Fargo isn't only bad for the Environment. They are also not a safe place to store money. My family had money taken from them without being served any papers or being warned about it. Just one day we couldn't spend any money. And it wasn't just my parents account. Also my sisters' and mine.
Carolyn Jaques Carolyn Jaques I'm going to boycott Wells Fargo. They've done good things and bad over the years. But now they've gone too far. They have stolen two peices of business property from my landlord. He paid in full on time for years and when it came time to refinance... they refused. They started charging him $25,000 a month in fees because he hadn't refinanced yet. After not paying the $25,000/ month fees... they stole the property. I've used Wells forever, my kids us Wells, we're all dumping our accounts. I'm going to find a local credit union to handle my banking.
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