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Mohmmed Mohmmed Mohmmed Mohmmed Not disagreeing with you at all, but as I fiesnhid reading this, my mind turned to that oft-overused phrase What Would Jesus Do and it occurred to me that I really don't know what he would do. The Romans were probably 10x worse than the Chinese, and were not above an atrocity or two to get the day started, but you never hear about Jesus picketing Pilate or anything. Was his method (surely more effective) to work from the other side in, by sharing his promise of eternity with the people and letting them provide the pressure?Interesting
Steven Steven Steven Steven There WILL be a boycott by me and the rest of my fmlaiy(we have discussed it) We wont watch or conciously pay any attention to the competetions, the awards, and particularly the sponsors of the damned thing.China is merely acting the way totalitarian(read facists & communists)governments ALWAYS act, and I refuse to give them any advantage or approval; even passive approval,in their oppression of Tibet and supression of freedom.Eff Chine!!!! http://sypfilbxtoq.com [url=http://bwssaxu.com]bwssaxu[/url] [link=http://kwifir.com]kwifir[/link]
Lee Lee Lee Lee free tibet!> CHina systematicly moves han-chinese to tibet to beocme a majority in the region, changing tibet into a proffitable tourist area and ensuring valuable mineral deposits.Although this is only one of many reasons to boycot. The chinese government is also responsable for poluting our world(the air not even clear enough to see or breathe), killing falungong practissioners(peacefull buddhist like movement)harvesting their organs,abusing poor people for cheap labour, allowing discrimination on minority`s or even small people, driving them to undergo expensive surgery to lengthen their legs or to whiten their skinn. Furthermore know that Beijing will not be representative for china`s situation , the rest of the country will still be a very poor sight.Let's hear our voice against these medieval practises. Jiefang Xizang!
Truman Gleason Truman Gleason
chris comodikes chris comodikes Absolutely true
Jonathan Feucht Jonathan Feucht I have just decided to not care about the Olympics this year.
Bryony Rees Bryony Rees It has upset and angered me to witness such cowardness from our political leaders. We should be united against China's shameful human rights record and the atrocities it continues to inflict on the people of Tibet. With the power that comes with freedom of speech it is our duty to help the Tibetans as well as the many Chinese that suffer at the hands of their govenment. Free Tibet, boycott Beijing and end human rights abuses.
mike downs mike downs
stop creulty stop creulty
Jenny Vegan Jenny Vegan Boycott China!
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