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Tibet is a part of China Tibet is a part of China Can I just say this is the most disgraceful thing I'v ever seen on the internet and there are many disgusting things online. Do you know how many millions of people would be angered by boycotting the Beijing olympics? Not only the Chinese people but all the athletes and coaches around the world who have worked so hard over the past years. Obviously none of you think about "people," you only pretend you're so righteous and moral but in fact your are harming everyone involved with the Olympics, not just the Chinese government. North Korea should just bomb all your asses. There I said it. FUCK YOU!
Roshni Patel Roshni Patel
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter Boycott 2008 and 2012 unless Tibet and Northern Ireland are freed from the tyrants.
Dr Jay Goswamy Dr Jay Goswamy Falsification of information and genoside must be stopped in this day and age
Forrest Tanner Forrest Tanner thanks for organizing this petition.
Marc Polo Marc Polo
Jason Lai Jason Lai sad thing is, there will always be stuff made in china that we need for our every day life.
Justin Comeau Justin Comeau
Candy Chung Candy Chung
sharad bhargava sharad bhargava
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