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Tammy Davis Tammy Davis I have been a server all my life and enjoy it very much. I had to take off for the last 5 years to take care of my sick mother. I lost her Sept. 16th So I started working at Olive Garden in Trussville Alabama right before Christmas, I got my first tables after training on New years day. I have done ok soon far but need to do better because we are about to lose every thing but I believe God will see me through. I believe in you month for food servers and hope congress will pass it.
Josh Testin Josh Testin
Cindy Funk Cindy Funk My son has worked as a server since he was 16yo, working his way through college and now soon to be married. He is very good at work he does and deserves a "be Kind to Food Servers Month" every month of the year!!!!
Lori My Lori My I'm a server/bartender, u don't want to mess w/us or piss us off, we serve ur food & beverage!! Do u really want 2 take that chance, i never did anything but tabasco the shit out of someones food, but i have seen WAAAAAAAYYYYY worse done 2 high maintenance assholes. So BEWARE WHO U MESS WITH WHEN DINING OUT. JUST A HEADS UP!!!

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