BARI's people wants better leaders for PUNTLAND!.


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BARI's people  wants better leaders for PUNTLAND!.

The economy of Bari region has decreased 47%.

The population in Bari region has decreased 34.7%.

The unemployment in Bari region has increased 41.4%.

Three states formed in it.

Militia (Al-shabab) emerged in it.

We see all this changes happening in our home region.

Yet there is no actions we did Aout it.

Is it all about fear?

Or we never cared about it but claimed it?

Let's stand against what's harmful to our region.

And admire what's good to us.

Let's stand against all self interesters and seek for better Puntland.


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We need another -1 signatures so that we can Current goverment to step down and a new goverment with fair elections formed..
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