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Nathaniel Williams Nathaniel Williams As a British person these fascists disgust me
Jodie Martin Jodie Martin Bnp are really racist. 'Ban the Burka' a racist regime against Muslim Women. My school friend is a muslim.
Josef Murray Josef Murray My goal in life is to fight Racism, Xenophobia, Facism and prejudice for every single moment of my life.
Natasha Hill Natasha Hill Why does it take a petition to get this done? Wtf is the matter with people?
Joshua Perkins Joshua Perkins
Bethany Hammond Bethany Hammond
Kamila Godzinska Kamila Godzinska The major flaw of full democracy is that people actually vote for parties like the BNP, whose core ideas make me nothing but disgusted. The party has a complete lack of respect for human rights, and is ignorant to even the concept of justice. If this party came any near power, it would be a disaster for both Britain and the international situation. Argue as you please that banning political parties goes against democracy, but considering there are people who clearly do not know what is right, I think that democracy can be sacrificed for the decency of humanity.
arjun gokani arjun gokani Ban the bnp scums
Louise Gardener Louise Gardener
David Teacher David Teacher Please ban this 'party' as they are nothing but scum.
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