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christian meadows christian meadows ban the bnp get real there the only hope for getting our country back heres why im voting bnp and everyone i know is to i dont know one person who wont be voting for them over populated country solution pull out of europe to many forighners working class get cheated like shit every penny we earn goes to government im sick of it i could name 10 people i know claiming fake incapacity and what does the goverment do about it fuck all theres millions if problems in this country thanks to labour i bet the person who set this up as come from a life style that as never lived the way working class people do i could go on forever and dont dare say bnp is racist they believe in our country what we fought for bnp forever
ricky watson ricky watson a message to idiotic politicians. world war 2 witnessed the deaths of approx 50 million people, due to fascism which came fro nazi germany. i cannot understand why british government would allow fascism to exist as a political party within our society.
roger moore roger moore us BNP supporters are hear to stay , vote BNP save england from immigrant benefit claiming scum , Ban the labor for destroying england and throw gordan brown in the river thames.BNP FOREVER !
Alexander S. Rowe Alexander S. Rowe A multi-cultural society is part of modern Britain, and whilst modern Britain is certainly not in the best shape, the BNP are modern Nazis! STOP FACSICM!
andrew haddley andrew haddley
Mercedes Edwards Mercedes Edwards Things just need to be changed theres bigger issues in the world than the war in Iraq people there are being killed because of the most petty reason but the government only thinks about the minor things Peace Out Xx
Indian! Indian! Indian! Indian! Asianz To Stayy !
Neeraj  Pall Neeraj Pall Personally ,I Beleive That Everyone Should Get Along & Forget About Race n Da ,Coz Itz Not Like I've Got 2 Headz And You've Got 3 You Know What Am Sayin!! :-D
Hev Shorthouse Hev Shorthouse AAAAAAhhh they make hevvii angrii!!!! And sad :( AND I WANNA SQUISH DEM!!!!!!
Aisha  Rahman Aisha Rahman BNP SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM!! FCK THEM
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