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zainab saeed zainab saeed
Joshua  Forster Joshua Forster Nazis are an embarrassment to Britain!!!!!!!!!
Elliott Gazdula Elliott Gazdula
Oliver Ford Oliver Ford The BNP should have no place in Britain, which should pride itself on its openness and harmony between all people
James Gilliatt James Gilliatt ...
Rhys Lowther Rhys Lowther I support you with all my heart
joze amblinos joze amblinos i luv BNP :D they are d greetest
James Thompson James Thompson There needs to be a ban on the BNP. We are a democratic liberal country, therefore we need to promote liberal ideas and policy. If the BNP was powerful they would: * Execute Murderers and Sex Offenders-these people need humane treatment in a secure environment and counselling. * Stop people who are depressed from claiming sickness benefits. For these reasons we need to ban BNP membership.
Shaun Finnerty Shaun Finnerty I dont think i need to say alot just ban the b******s
Mark Sissed Mark Sissed Hope not Hate! Hope that Britons become an ethnic minority in their homeland.... Hope that Britain becomes a De Facto Islamic State in the near future.... Hope that the British people do not wake up before the psycopaths that have misruled this once great nation for decades have taken them past the point of no return ie. their own ethno-genocide! White mugs......
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