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kelly  hughes kelly hughes
Lotte Rimoncelli Lotte Rimoncelli
David  Annsworth David Annsworth The BNP are scum. A disgrace to this country. OUT
Joe McQuillan Joe McQuillan
David Rathbone David Rathbone Although I see myself as politically open, the BNP cannot be allowed to continue. Nazism can never be allowed to regain power. They will start another world war, and this time, Britain will be the ones crushed, not only by other western nations, but by Israel, and all big Islamic countries and their supporters. If the BNP comes to power, the end result can only be that Britain is crushed. I Do Not Want That To Happen.
Nicholas  Smith Nicholas Smith My great grandad and his generation fought against the nazi's. Dont let their sacrafice go to waste.
Alex Tomlinson Alex Tomlinson
Kash Ali Kash Ali This party is racist.. they are here to cause trouble between asian and white communities.
Dave Watson Dave Watson What a dangerous idea. Ban a party because you disagree with them. Pluralistic multi-party democracy will inevitably have parties you don't like including the odious BNP. Liberal democracy is about proving to a plurality/majority of people that your ideas are better, not legislating against rival parties. Grow up.
Gladis Monti Gladis Monti
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