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Jacob Bryden Jacob Bryden You only need to read the sugar-coated policies on the BNP website to see they're all a bunch of crazy f*cks. Examples such as banning the Human Rights Act or the banning Anti-Discrimination Act(to make a person truly 'free') spring to mind. Anyone who values living in a free state should sign this.
Zarielle Bloxham Zarielle Bloxham I think the BNP are disgusting and I can't believe that their party has not yet been banned. I think their claim of putting British people first is very superficial. They seem to prey on our insecurities to divert our attention away from what their ideas our really about; they are simply a racist party promoting unbalenced and selfish ideas. I feel that they may claim to have 'good intentions' that will appeal to some people, underneath this, their intentions are sinister.
alexander kerr alexander kerr
Amber-Rose Sutton Amber-Rose Sutton I agree that everyone deserves the right to be heard, but when they make statments as outrageous as "women enjoy rape" it becomes not only offensive but inexcusable. People like this cannot be allowed to destroy our democracy!! XxXx.
james sear james sear They are all scum
Jay Landman Jay Landman -
Asimah  Soma Asimah Soma Ban the BNP - we hate racism
Michael Moore Michael Moore They are racist scum
Jodie Howland Jodie Howland This party should be banned!!!!
Odette Morris Odette Morris BAN THE BNP !!!!!!!!!
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