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Peter Fleming Peter Fleming
mikepalmer palmer mikepalmer palmer
nathan wilson nathan wilson
Lina Deng Lina Deng
faheem hussain faheem hussain
nicholas smith nicholas smith
Lou John Lou John Ban them for everyone's sake
Joe Baldwin Joe Baldwin The BNP follow the roots of the National Socialists in Germany (1933-45), a party which, during these years, killed 17,000,000 people for NO REASON. Just for being Jewish or homosexual. The party (the BNP) show exactly the same policies as Adolf Hitler, despite the fact that immigrants add a huge amount to British society, e.g. doctors, and shop owners. I feel very strongly against this fascist organisation, and support you in getting it banned.
Nathaniel Quashie Nathaniel Quashie
Dale Townend Dale Townend I think its sick that we allow these, narrow minded bigots to stand for anything in this FREE country. After all we know how there regime works, if you disagree or don't conform you'll be put to death on a concentration camp.
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