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HELENA BRANCH HELENA BRANCH This is not "anti-Islamic" by any means. It is simply because a) I believe that religion should never be intertwined with state law and b) in choosing to live in a country whose social/religious norms and conventions do not match one's own, one agrees to accept the values and conventions of said country. This is the reasoning I have for never intending to live in any Islamic country. So, in peace and good faith, no to sharia law -or Christian law, or any other religious law- in the UK. If you don't want to accept the values of this country, you know where the airports are.
Kay Hall Kay Hall There should be one law for all who live in Britain
Tessa Lupo Tessa Lupo Please! Ban Charia A REAL Insanity !
Vivien Green Vivien Green I believe in one law for all.
Kell McDonnell Kell McDonnell
Andrew Evans Andrew Evans
Rob Johnston Rob Johnston
Elaine Newman Elaine Newman There are laws in this country that must apply to all people living here. Sharia Law has no place in a democracy, discriminates against women and does not have any legal basis in this country nor should it. If people want to live by these laws they must find another country to live in, but they should not try to force their values upon the people of the UK.
Lukas Ainsworth Lukas Ainsworth
Kyle Newman Kyle Newman Sharia law is a barbaric state, and after reading the qur'an I can say I am appalled by this text.
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