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Melanie Maya Melanie Maya
jaana jaakkola jaana jaakkola Re. Bad Hare Days I would like to tell you about a book I have written and had published on the controversial subject of live hare coursing in Ireland and the campaign to protect the Irish Hare. It�s called Bad Hare Days (published by Olympia Publishers of London) and in it I recount the ups and downs of campaigning on the issue over three decades. In addition to exploring the nature of hare coursing from my own perspective as an animal protection campaigner, I also describe the social and psychological impact on campaigners of engaging in a difficult and tension-wrought campaign aimed at changing public opinion on this and other animal protection issues. As I lack the resources to mount a huge promotional drive of the kind one associates with celebrity authors, I am doing what I can to �spread the word� about the book. Anyone interested can read a review of the book and some further details at the following link: > http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bad-Hare-Days-John-Fitzge
patricia donovan patricia donovan another sick "sport".
Tracey  Redmond Tracey Redmond
Ali Martin Ali Martin What century are we in...the 15th,for God sake time to stop this barbaric,sick past time so very wrong and perverse!!
Joyce Doherty Joyce Doherty
Jackie Hickey Jackie Hickey This has no place in a civilized society. Please end it now.
Fiona watt Fiona watt
Bridie Rankin Bridie Rankin Animal cruelty in whichever form it takes must be stopped. Hare coursing is cruel and totally unnecessary and should be banned without fail.
Paula Sheppard Paula Sheppard
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