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Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon
Joanne  Drake Joanne Drake ITS CRUEL AND MEAN
wendy jahn wendy jahn
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Davion Davion Davion Davion Great thinking! That really brkaes the mold!
Karen Wall Karen Wall You will lose a lot of visitors to your country while this continues.
Debra Taylor Debra Taylor How can u watch a poor animal being hurt for amusement. What sort of thing will sit and watch whats happening without outrage. I'm disgusted that this kind of thing is happening in a so called civil society...what r we now going back to the dark ages when this was acceptable because of ignorance. Cruelty is not acceptable and neither are the people that sanction it.
Theresa Coss Theresa Coss PLease!! Please!! Stop this CRUELTY.. these are animals which know fear, pain.... this is not necessary. Please just STOP this cruel sport... :(
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