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Andrea Thornton Andrea Thornton I find it appalling that this goes on in so-called civilised society. How anyone can do this to these gentle creatures is beyond me. Please get it banned.
Mavis Petrie Mavis Petrie It is long past time that this gruesome so called sport was assigned to the dark pages of history.
Marie Saint Marie Saint
Carol Garland-Forbes Carol Garland-Forbes
Kim  Palmer Kim Palmer This is not entertainment, there certainly in this day and age, a better way.
Tracey  Pettingill Tracey Pettingill The suffering and eventual death of any animal for anything..especially sport is absurd and uncivil...and just downright inhumane. Have humans lost their minds??? We have used and abused animals throughout history...this doesn't make it ok...and it makes it worse that WE HAVE NOT LEARNED FROM OUR PAST!!
T.L.  Mitchell T.L. Mitchell Wrong like so many other crimes against the Animal Kingdom.
Sadie Dempsey Sadie Dempsey This so called "sport" is disgraceful, barbaric cruelty!
Janice Cowett Janice Cowett
Annika Andersson Annika Andersson
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