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willem kom willem kom
Cristina Cuesta Cristina Cuesta
Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S. Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S. Simple. Too many people, no purpose or meaning. No enough animals who live in harmony with the earth and contribute to what makes the world whole and complete. High fines, Prison Time, Restitution for they owe society.
Melanie Appleby Melanie Appleby
Carla Purtscher Carla Purtscher
Dana Bucuresteanu Dana Bucuresteanu
Siddharth Vegan Siddharth Vegan
frances smith frances smith
Chris Simcox Chris Simcox Stop the exploitation of all non-human animals and recognise them as sentient beings, not property.
Andrea Thornton Andrea Thornton I find it appalling that this goes on in so-called civilised society. How anyone can do this to these gentle creatures is beyond me. Please get it banned.
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