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Agnieszka Wawrzyniak Agnieszka Wawrzyniak
Roxana Ainadyian Roxana Ainadyian
Giang Duong Giang Duong
Benafsheh Popal Benafsheh Popal STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW!!!
Christina Bulaong Christina Bulaong
Shelly Brockwell Shelly Brockwell
Chie Hazard Chie Hazard Don't abuse every animal Don't kill every animal They have right to enjoy their life We don't have right to destroy their life Respect every species
megha sharma megha sharma Ban the sale of all fur products in the UK and European Union. This week the Guardian runs an article entitled ‘Fur is Back’. We have banned fur farming on ethical grounds in the UK so why do we still allow businesses to sell it?
Natanya Sukkot Natanya Sukkot
Robert Frank Robert Frank Fur farming is barbaric and sickening
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