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Giulia Francisconi Giulia Francisconi
emelie earle emelie earle
dimitra sachinaki dimitra sachinaki
Shirley Livingstone Shirley Livingstone Disgusting, barbaric and completely unnecessary. Stop it now!
Christine Ball Christine Ball
Angel-Lee Wischmann Angel-Lee Wischmann
Karen Rabey Karen Rabey Put yourselves in the place of the animals, imagine the misery and eventually the agony, how can anyone put an innocent creature through this for vanity. Yes, they do feel boredom, loneliness, pain, misery and terror and they do deserve to live their lives as we do. The people who make money from this and the people who buy the fur are selfish, unfeeling individuals, they lack empathy and therefore have a real problem.
marygrace maxwell marygrace maxwell Ban fur from all over the world there is no need for real fur and leather.No animal should suffer for some humans vanity
Martyna Kaczy�ska Martyna Kaczy�ska This is cruelty.
Jennifer Woodard Jennifer Woodard
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