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Karolina Domagala Karolina Domagala
Federica Pozza Federica Pozza
Reza Zadahmad Reza Zadahmad Stop the Cruelty of Fur Farms Fur farms are where people keep animals in cages all their lives with little or no food. The most popular victim are minks. There are also animals such as foxes, dogs, chinchillas, rabbits and other animals. These are the most popular out of many more in these terrible fur farms. Fur Farms are all around the world. About 30 million animals are killed every year just for their fur. Sometimes the animals develop neurotic behaviors such as circling, pacing, and running themselves into the walls of their wire cages because they are scared and too tortured and hurt to stay on this Earth, alive. Many animals also get sick or starved and die. The helpless animals get cuts and scrapes on their paws or feet. Then, when they are walking on the cages that may never even be cleaned, they get infected. The United States is where animals are mostly used for their fur. New York was the first state to ban fur farms. Our petition is about stopping this mainly in
Maria Luz Casquero Maria Luz Casquero
Birthe Møller Skov Birthe Møller Skov
karen thriscutt karen thriscutt
Kathryn Mitchell Kathryn Mitchell
jessica giron jessica giron
Vanessa Carbia Vanessa Carbia
Sharon Weis Sharon Weis Please ban this cruelty
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