Ban Fur Farming

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Ban Fur Farming

Across europe each year in Ireland, hundreds of thousands of mink and foxes are reared and killed for their fur pelts. The animals are kept in small, barren cages, unable to do anything that comes naturally to them. Stress-induced behaviour such as self-mutilation, repetitive pacing and cannibalizing cagemates is common. After enduring a life of misery, the animals are either gassed or anally electrocuted.

Fur is an unneccessary luxury in our society and raising and killing animals for their fur is not an acceptable practice in a civilised society.

Many countries ? including the whole of the UK ? have already put a stop to this barbaric practice, and it is high time for the whole of Europe to follow this.

Please sign this petition to help persuade the EU to ban Fur Farming completely.

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