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George Martin George Martin
clare howell clare howell How this cruel and barbaric is allowed to carry on in this supposedly caring compassionate modern age I do not know. We complain everyday about the rise in violence and people killing each other in the streets all over the world for no good reason. Violence to people and animals has to stop if we want to evolve in this world before we destroy it. This is not entertainment it is cold blooded murder for the sake of someone making money.
James Howie James Howie Bull fighting is a disgrace its disgusting and cruel, and those who go to watch it and do it are disgusting and bring shame to the country.
Gail Kainen Gail Kainen Stop this senseless cruelty in the name of entertainment
Zenon Feszczak Zenon Feszczak
christy reed christy reed Sadistic!
Ashley LaRock Ashley LaRock thats sad. i hate this. there is alot more animal abuse ways then i thought. i hope it stops
Boyan Dimitrov Boyan Dimitrov
Radostina Dubarova Radostina Dubarova
Victoria Dobson Victoria Dobson
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