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Tanya Markina Tanya Markina
marion wall marion wall Barbaric.........shame on this so called sport
Lindy Reade Lindy Reade I had no idea as to how absolutely barbaric this sport was until I saw a video on the Colbert Report. I want to be active about getting this disgusting thing stopped. Thankyou for having this site available. There us absolutely nothing brave about this revolting practice, it is the people of spain that are pepetuating this sport by making it lucrative and glorified to be the matadore, i mean torturer.
Paul Stone Paul Stone Please Stop this barbaric act of cruelty,shame on the people who take part in this horrible act of cruelty, and shame on the governments that are to weak willed to Ban it Shame on you.
angela taylor angela taylor not a sport or a fair fight even, just cruel, pure blood lust.
valerie hermant valerie hermant
Michel Michaeljohn Michel Michaeljohn
Julia Tawyea Julia Tawyea
Caroline Reeve Caroline Reeve
Regina Bruchmueller Regina Bruchmueller Stop this senseless cruelty in the name of entertainment
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