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nohex akron nohex akron
Michael Smith Michael Smith Sure it is a cruel and barbaric sport and has no place in the modern world. If the Spanish cant see this then we need to convince them by individually boycotting all imports from Spain: fruit, vegetables, wine, cooking and salad oils, cars, holidays, ----
Jeani Johnson Jeani Johnson Bullfighting is a hideous ugly crime and should be punished! I will NEVER understand how anyone could consider this FUN or SPORT! It is NEITHER of those, it is a bloody torture and murder and MUST BE STOPPED!!
alex chemos alex chemos please ban bullfighting.
Yvette Tapp Yvette Tapp I witnessed as a 1 and 1/2 year old girl a Mexican Bull fight. I saw the gruesome spiritual things that were occurring on all of the adults surrounding me as they cheered on the horrific suffering and sadistic oppression of the bulls. It is a hideously ugly sight. Our auras are there to be seen with an evolved eye. Just on the other side of a very thin veil, we all see the truth of our thoughts, deeds and actions in Technicolor clarity. This cruel crime against the sanctity of LIFE in this plane MUST END IMMEDIATELY. Killing and causing suffering is a spiritual crime against this creation and the vibrational source that sustains us. We are one consciousness, all connected, and must love all life forms. Go veg, as the Spiritual Adepts all tell us to. Never harm. Always love.
Phoebe Broek Phoebe Broek this is just plain evil people torchure bulls for entertainment ITS JUST PLAIN WRONG!
karim nasr karim nasr
Gary Brown Gary Brown BAN this sickening, cruel act! How can they even call this a sport? It is disgusting goverments would even allow this to happen in this day and age!
Shay Holliday Shay Holliday Spaniards are so dumb when it comes to this!
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