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Mary Murray Mary Murray
Ala´s Bodchon Ala´s Bodchon
Patricia Gama Patricia Gama A Barbaric tradition that must be stopped!
Gerry Black Gerry Black This brings great shame on the Spanish people who still let this happen in their country
Manohar Subramaniam Manohar Subramaniam
helen gooding helen gooding It should be banned, as it is a cruel cruel "sport"
victoria binchi victoria binchi
lynda chabane lynda chabane This is simply murder of innocent animals in the name of SPORT!!!! This is no sport...it is merely man claiming a victory over an innocent animal, that has been tormented, tortured and finally murdered!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......BAN ALL BULLFIGHTING!!
Hilary Harris Hilary Harris Stop this heinous evil "sport" everywhere around the world. 250,000 bulls are murdered every year?!?!! There need to be worldwide laws stopping this barbaric practice.
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