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Bison Bison Bison Bison Gosh, I wish I would have had that inofrmatoin earlier!
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gcgrljrlair gcgrljrlair gcgrljrlair gcgrljrlair OWkski hglovvvvhari
Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra I thuohgt I'd have to read a book for a discovery like this!
Joanne  Drake Joanne Drake ITS VERY CRUEL
Ludo Stassijns Ludo Stassijns
harris ahmad harris ahmad
Belinda Clews Belinda Clews It is hard to believe that even today, with so much being done for animal rights and preventing cruelty to animals, that this barbaric act is still allowed to go on. I do not see the matador as any type of hero or entertainer but a sad excuse for a human being.
lynette young lynette young Please stop this cruel and heartless sport. Just because it is tradition does not make it right. We are constantly evolving and often tradition has to change too as we realise that we have moved on and are becoming a more humanitarian and ecological race. All animals are sentient beings, and like us, want to live and fear death. This is wrong, very wrong.
Kate Maksimova Kate Maksimova STOP Animal Cruelty!!!!
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