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Matthew Taylor Matthew Taylor Just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's not sick and perverted. Backwards traditions like this are not art, they are mindless cruelty for the sake of entertainment. We are not in the Roman era!
anya  troop anya troop The bull has no choice in it's inevitable slow, painfull, humiliating death, for the amusement of people who must have no empathy whatsoever for animals and their suffering.I am not a vegetarian by the way. I simply hate unecessary animal creulty.The odds are stacked against the frightened animal, whilst those testosterone fuelled twats prance about, elated at the cheers of the mindless crowd. I only cheer when they get their just desserts. Ban it. Now!
Tim Layman Tim Layman Only a monster could condone the torture of any living being. Animal torture is not a sport; it is nothing more than society pandering to the sadistic and demented among us. Animal abusers should not be catered to, they should be locked away!
Inna Trotsai Inna Trotsai
Sarah Karnatz Sarah Karnatz
Alison Townsend Alison Townsend
Michelle Light Michelle Light
Susan  Hart Susan Hart Ban this barbaric act of cruelty, now!!!
Natasha Arbon Natasha Arbon
zobzruqh zobzruqh zobzruqh zobzruqh g78KVd lyndmarwtuic
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