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Melissa Foley Melissa Foley
Liberty Clarke Liberty Clarke Should have been banned the day it began. Disgusting.
Clare Drever Clare Drever It is disgusting that this kind of animal cruelty is allowed to take place! Anyone who finds pleasure in an innocent animal being tortured to death is sick in the head! It is argued this is part of their culture, but so was the mutilation of women's genitals in certain cultures. That does not make it right!
Debs Perkins Debs Perkins Horrible, HORRIBLE thing to do to a living creature. Who can honestly think this is entertaining??
Kelly Germs Kelly Germs Stop this senseless torture of innocent animals.
Sandra Teager Sandra Teager
John Dixon John Dixon
Louise Jennings Louise Jennings
ben jennings ben jennings This isnt a sport it is a disgrace.The matadors are not heros they are cowardly excuses of human beings.People who support this by watching it are sad,pathetic scum.
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