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Mira Iordanescu Mira Iordanescu This is NOT a Sport...this is cold blood killing of an animal who can not protect him self...Toreadors and Pickadors do not fight the bull with bare hands they sting him to death with swords = arms...is this fair ? NO, is there any other sport ( except hunting) where the opponent is killed under the cheers of an audience...why should we keep barbaric traditions which demean our status as human beings...If you national pride reside in a 16 years old man killing 6 bull in an after noon means...I will never visit Spain..nor recommend it to my friends
claire lloyd claire lloyd ''Bullfighting'' is evil and needs banned, its unhealthy for people to derive pleasure from torturing an innocent animal. Bulls used for ''bullfighting'' are abused for all of their lives until they are tortured and murdered in front of a screaming arena of mentally challenged people. This is not a ''sport'' the bull stands no chance, its just cruelty and abuse inflicted on an animal for the sadistic entertainment purposes of a bunch of deranged people.
Catherine Grejon Catherine Grejon
Mary Thomas Mary Thomas
wolf wolf wolf wolf this is just awful why would someone suport this?!?!?!
Sarah-Jane  Cranna Sarah-Jane Cranna
Brianna Manley Brianna Manley
Samya Fraser Samya Fraser Needless and cruel. This has to stop.
Marco Mongardi Marco Mongardi
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