Ban Bull Fighting

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Ban Bull Fighting

We call for a ban to bull fighting in the civilised world.

Every year 250,000 bulls die slow and torturous deaths as a result of the bullfighting industry. While we are mislead to believe the "skilled" matador pierces the heart of the bull with one quick movement, in reality the bull is repeatedly stabbed, skewered and slowly weakened as it bleeds to death.

This is an incredibly cruel sport that inflicts a very slow, humilating and painful death on the bull.

Now in the 21st century there should be no room for this type of barbaric ,senseless blood thirsty act that cannot possibly be described as sport.

The gruesome killing of hundreds of thousands of bulls is done in the name of entertainment and has no place in our modern society. It is time to update this outmoded tradition and start treating animals more humanely.

Please sign the petition to Ban bull fighting in your country!

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