Ban fox hunting completely

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Ban fox hunting completely

Instead of a useless piece of legislation which allows hunts to use various loopholes which still result in a dead Fox, strengthen and enforce the legislation.

The existing legislation concerning the hunting with dogs has so many loopholes, and is blatantly ignored by some members of the hunting fraternity. Banning hunting with more than two dogs will allow farmers etc to hunt game, and other animals for consumption, while stopping the practice of hunting foxes with a large pack of dogs to 'make them break cover to be shot' or to loose hunting birds on them, and will prevent the so called 'regretable incidents where the pack tears the fox to pieces.

As well as this the existing ban on fox hunting is not being enforced by the police. there are many people in this country that are against fox hunting and blood sports, so why are the police not being proactive and stopping these rougue hunts that are flouting the law

Force the police to do their duty...stop the hunts!

I don't have a problem with the hunt fraternity dressing up and riding around, I just want them to stop killing Foxes.

fox,badger,deer all hunting is evil animals have a right to live so let them be free if u have a child u should no u would'nt like someone shooting them for fun or to eat them we need to stop this people r still hurting these animals and its not right!!!

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