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I have a question for you all. When did people become so week minded and so co-dependant on other peoples opions that they NEED recognition for their deeds to others?! Seriously its pathetic, oh look everyone I opened a door for someone, did you see, did you see me do that? Or the bumper stickers for helping a cause, all that is is someone trying to rub in the fact that they are better then you. Im sorry but society is pathetic!

In the past people helped their fellow man, not to get a sticker or some stupid award. You all need a cause in order to do something helpful, I hate causes. In the past they didnt have a cause of some award to give out for helping another. They helped you for the sake of helping you, it wasn't to get ahead or for recognition. No one ever patted them on the back or made a fuss about it, why do you ask? Because it was just plain and simply put helping the fellow man. thats all helping is its not doing one thing in order to gain another. I helped them, so I should get an award or a sticker to put on my car and show it off to all that see me. IT'S PATHETIC, if you help out your fellow man it should be because you truely wanted to help them, not to gain some form of recognition for it! Now if someone does something for you say thankyou, by all means Im not saying to dismiss their help. they helped you, but they dont NEED an award or some grand reaction.

In school you put your lunch box in the right cubby everyday for a week you get a star, if you hold the door open you get a star, if you help a class mate you get a star. star this, star that and worse off it carries into our adult hood. You open a door for someone and they freak out, wow a gentleman still exists. in the past if you did that, you got a thankyou and it was nothing news worthy. why, because EVERYONE did it! How about if you donate money to a help some kids somewhere, you get a plaque and/or a bumper sticker. you know what that was in the past someone saw someone in need they helped them. Their was no name for it then, now and days its got to have a name to call it by. Oh they are so generous, they are so kind, they are a gentleman, they are a humanitarian, etc. Yet all these are, are titles to something that should be refured to as help.

Help comes in the smallest of forms, it dont take any effort most times. A smile is contagious to those that cant find their own, being an ear to that person that cant find the means to let go of the binds in their life, open a door for someone (seriously people it takes but a second to do and yet it means the world), take a second and help someone carry that of which they cant other wise (either its to heavy for them or its to much for them to hold at once), be a shoulder for a person that just needs to loose a few tears, a hug will go a mile (either it makes a good day a great day or it helps lighten a hard day), etc. these are just a small dose of little things that take seconds to do, and never should be because you want something in return. you dont have to send money over seas to be helpful, now I am not saying not to either (some people dont have the funds to do all that).

the biggest thing I want to get through to yall is, whether you do the smallest of things or send thousands of dollars to some place in the world. dont expect a repayment, your just helping another that needed you then. people already notice the kind deed, you dont need some sticker or award to prove your actions. A helpful person cant pretent to be helpful (its literally impossible), because they already are helpful.

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