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Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Hi Erin,Most of those who inspired me when I was young are gone, but their lecgay has contributed to what I have become. None of them were famous people. None of them knew that they had inspired me my grandmother, with her wisdom, humor and reflection; my rural family doctor, a strong, independent woman in a very male dominated profession of the time; Mr. Coates, my English 8 teacher who wrote on my first composition, You have a gift . I have many moments along my journey of inspiration. Not all of us end up with mentors, but passing moments of connection can be equally poweful.Interestingly, now that I'm in mid-life, my inspiration largely comes from those who are behind me. I am constantly inspired by what students come up with and what my teachers do for the love of their work. Maybe what Mr. Coates didn't verbalize is equally important here: You have a gift (and I am inspired). I can't say that I'm very often inspired by those who lead. Whi
Joh Joh Joh Joh Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't ECU have the excellent ftcliiay called the ECU school of Medicine? Doesn't ECU put out docotrs, and suregons all over the state? Don't cry poor mouth up here to me, because you will find no sympathy here. ECU is a state funded school, just like UNC, State, and the others. Why don't you have the facilities to compete in basketball ..talk to that mighty PIRATE CLUB, who takes one dollar from every two that comes in, and feeds it into the football program. Why you might ask, because they could care less about basketball there! It is a known fact that all of the money the Pirate CLub gets in goes towards Dowdy-Ficklen/Minges/UBE/Exxon/give me some money please so we can compete with the big boys. You know finding someone to actually admit that they are a ECU Basketball fan, is about as easy to find a DUKE football fan! You can't find either one, because they are both on the endangered species list.In closing my Pirate friend, you guys truly d
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