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We don't get to have too many holidays in our house. We are a one income family now due to me losing my job in the Government cutbacks last year. Since then our kids have had to go without quite a lot. NOT THIS YEAR. This year my husband is hoping to take our little boy, Asher, to Sydney to see his grandmother. Asher is turning 6 a few days before Christmas, and this would be his first trip down there for quite some time. You see, Asher has autism. He is very sensory and also echolalic. He struggles so much with public places and trying to communicate with people. Going on holidays is just too difficult as a family, and also costly. My wish is for him to finally have a little holiday. So my husband is planning on driving to Sydney just after Christmas with Asher for a couple of weeks. It's about a 13 hour drive from where we live, and we are trying desperately to raise some funds to help with the cost of getting there and back, and perhaps even a little trip to the Sydney zoo. Any help would be greatly appreciated - even if you only read and share our cause.

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