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Actor Sean Penn Gets the Bigger Picture

May 6, 2010

Subject: Haiti – What Gives Washington? Advocate Penn’s Good Faith Reliance in Support of Aid to Fellow-men in the us/US Worldwide Community

Yesterday, I was looking at CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewing Sean Penn who since the man-made and natural nuisances has had a presence there in Haiti. The devastation is deplorable. The concept of moral turpitude escapes precise definition but has been described as an "act of baseness, vileness or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow-men or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man. Mr. Penn has been in Haiti supporting his fellow-men and women since the devastation. One of these three times, I wrote a first responder nuisance plan to accompany “Maazlo”. Maazlo is basic human needs required every human person. Maazlo was not my conception, but fitted into a picture much bigger then reaction prior to being pro-active: a support before birth, a guarantee of basic – natural rights prior and needs to survive to birth and after birth the tools to succeed, so no man is born needy, unless we all need.

The third request from Mr. Penn is a disparate plea for less concentration on building a new Haiti to helping the Haiti here; it’s People. He tells a story of a fifteen year old youth, who hours earlier had been playing with friends, developed a persistent cough and was taken to a care facility for help. He required a routine medication; available, but not accessible.

The child died. There was no arrangement to have the medicine pro-actively available because all attention has been prioritized on the new Haiti. Mr. Penn is on the record and on the scene and was present when the child arrived and died. He had been in communication with sponsors, coordinators, decision-makers and organizations holding in hand billions of assets to support these people. He explained earlier that the raining period was coming and wanted more stable ‘temporary’ housing capable of withstanding the rain and to replace the cloth cities as temporary shelters. An anchor walked through mud in lieu of blocks as temporary walk ways. Joe Madison of WOL/XM rambled off an excellent check list of 1st responder- obligations. Like similar failures to DC’s American-residents, being reiterated – then ‘inaccessibility’ snubbed, we have failed Mr. Penn and the Haiti people.

I am therefore writing this letter to everyone contacted this year, 2010; The Year of us/US Character, 2010, Worldwide, Passing It On! Mr. Penn has asked for nothing for him-self (ambassador) but to help and given back us/US Character, 2010.

Answers. Our President delegated resources and duties of care, representatives of our country escorting goodwill. What is required is the people of Haiti access to receipt that is owed, now owned, provided in good faith and now theirs in the first place; a competence and willing competent commitment – responder to engage and touch (receipt in writing of satisfaction) to those in need; ASAP. Mr. Penn has asked for this right the third time. America should make this character correction-right happen. I am not completely unselfish here. I see Haiti, through man-made nuisance happening or potentially happening anywhere in the world. It then is predicable upon us to insure that monies, resources and materials provided in good faith reliance gets misappropriated or reprioritized in route to their destination. The Nation’s Capitol, Washington, District of Columbia, and the World-Gateway, is well known for similar man-made and natural nuisances and requires in like kind notices, and obligations. Let us work on the two together. I too require “access” to “good faith reliance” in order to insure that “good” and “will” spent by us/US/Mr. Penn.

Pat Kidd, Kidden2005@hotmail.com

American Women and Associates Against Sexual Harassment

And for Civil Rights and other purposes

202 658 0270

POBox 56039

Washington, DC 20040

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