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ACC, the Accident Compensation Corporation, is supposed to "provide comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents". Their own description of their purpose includes to "oversee and coordinate the help clients get, to make sure they get the help they need". Recently, they've cut some benefits as part of a money-saving scheme, but who is being affected, and at what cost?

Ken Benseman was a passenger in a car crash 17 years ago, which left him tetraplegic. Until this year he had 24-hour care, enabling him to lead a life as normal as possible. Recently ACC has introduced a new 'money-saving' scheme, and this cut Ken's care hours down to only 4. This means he can't take his dog for a walk, or even do the shopping. This severely reduced care means Ken once had to ask a total stranger to empty his catheter, has been locked out of his house, and has to spend his days watching TV and on the computer as he can't go on outings without help.

Next time he goes to hospital because of one of his many frequent chest infections, he has asked not to be resuscitated.

But why has the support to the people who need it most been slashed? Who is benefitting from this ridiculous scheme? Much of the money which is used to provide people in conditions such as Ken's, is now being used for injuries sustained on the pitch by our rugby players.

Please sign this petition to make ACC see sense, and help the people in need get back the support essential for them to live their lives.

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