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Since the financial crisis, many people have understood that money (althrough necessary) can not be the purpose of life by itself.

We live in a world in which the only things which counts is how much you get money. It's insane. People don't put their work on visit card, but just "billionaire". Somebody can do everything and be forgiven about everything just because has money.

Many people in the world think differently, maybe the silent majority.

It's why it's time to say NO and take care and value which is priceless and which DO not have to have any price : health care, education, love, spirituality, culture, air. These "goods" has to be provided for free in the familly, in the communauty, in the church, by the state, depending to the social structure of each country.

People who work in these fields have to come back to their original oath they have too often parjured : to ask money to whom who can, to work for free for who can't pay (doctors, churches, teachers and even lawers ...)

The purpose of this cause is to gather enough people to think on what is a good and what can not be given for money and then ask politicians and professional to agree.

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